Partial Client List
A partial list of clientele we've served as consultants and coordinators includes:

Agouron Pharmaceuticals
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Lederle Laboratories


Merck Sharp & Dhome
Pfizer International
Rorer Pharmaceuticals
Schering Corporation
Winthrop Pharmaceuticals


Lynch Communications recently produced a 30-city videoconference for a major pharmaceutical company. For the 2-hour program, we created on-location prerecorded interviews, original animated graphics and music. We were responsible for all the technical requirements to launch the nationwide live broadcast via satellite. 

Myeloma International Conference, Sydney, Australia, April 2005

Novartis, Third Zometa Global Consultant's Advisory Board, St. Petersburg, Russia, September 2004

Chiron Corporation, Immune Response and Restoration, XI International HIV Conference, 
Seville and Barcelona Spain, 2002

GlaxoSmithKline, Current Issues In HAART, International Aids Society – Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2001

Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Bridging the Gap: Current Treatment and the Changing Faces of HIV/AIDS,
 Cancun, Mexico May 2001

BancBoston Robertson Stephens, International Technology and Telecoms Conference, London England, 1999

Second Annual Opinion Leader Consortium onTargeted Therapies for Head and Neck Cancer, 
Jamaica, West Indies, February 2004

American Century Investments (The Benham Group) CA, nationwide educational investor seminars, 
management retreats 1997/1998 seasons.

Tenth International Conference on AIDS, Yokohama, Japan, August 1994

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Ninth International Conference on AIDS, Berlin, Germany, June 1993

Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Estrogen and the Post-Menopausal Patient, live Satellite Teleconference
Broadcast to 30 cities nationwide, May, 1993

Bristol-Myers Pharmaceuticals, Management of Osteoporosis Seminar, 25 cities, 1990/1991

Burroughs Wellcome Co. (Retrovir): Comprehensive Management of Aids Patients Seminar, 15 cities, 1988/1989

Bristol-Myers: Management of Hormone-Responsive Diseases, Guadeloupe, Nov 1988

Pfizer/Roerig: Systemic Fungal Infections, San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 1988

Squibb Pharmaceuticals: 6th Mediterranean Congress of Chemotherapy, Catania, Italy, May 1988

Pfeizer/Roerig: Candidiasis, Merida, Mexico, January 1985

Methyldopa World Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, February 1979 (bilingual) Ixtapa, Mexico , March 1980